Veterinarian Liability

Veterinarian's dealing with horses and large animals have special insurance needs. Equine Insurance Underwriters Ltd. has designed a liability policy that covers these needs. Ask your broker for more information.

Protection Available:

Veterinarian Comprehensive General Liability

  • $2,000,000. - can apply for higher limits
Forms / Limits Available:

Commercial General Liability - Form CGL2

  • Provides coverage if you are sued by a third party who is injured or whose property is damaged. The policy also covers defense costs and pays claims for which you are legally liable.
Veterinarian Liability for Non-Owned Animals - Form CGL-11

  • limits available - $5,000. per animal / $ 25,000. per occurrence, $10,000. / $50,000., $20,000. / $100,000., or $50,000. / $100,000.
  • Provides coverage for physical loss or injury or damage causing death, or making destruction necessary to animals in the insured's care.
Veterinarian's Professional Liability - Form CGL-12

  • $1,000,000. or $2,000,000. limits available
  • Provides legal liability coverage for acts or omissions in the furnishing of professional veterinary services.
Tenants Legal Liability - Form CGL-15

  • $300,000. limits available
Policy Requirements:

A completed application is required in order for us to quote, and a completed and signed application is required to bind coverage. The signed application forms part of the policy.


Brokers must bind risks through our office. We will confirm binding by email or fax.
Brokers do not have binding authority.