Animal Mortality

Equine Insurance Underwriters Ltd. understands that animal owners have a lot invested in their animals. Our mortality policy offers protection for owners interested in insuring their animals against sickness and death.

Full Mortality Coverage - Form EQ-1
Mortality coverage is an "All Risk" policy, which covers death from all causes, subject to certain exclusion stated in the policy.

Available on:

Horses; pleasure, show, breeding and racing
Cattle; breeding and dairy

* The maximum age for new submissions on horses is 15 and cattle is age 7.

Surgical / Major Medical Extension (Broad Form) - Form EQ-4A

  • Provides $2,500., $5,000., or $7,500. for surgical operation expenses and medical expenses due to injury, illness or disease
  • Subject to a $500. deductible per claim.
  • Maximum age 15 - only available on horses
Death Claim Veterinary Reimbursement Clause - Form EQ-5

  • $2,000. reimbursement limit per animal.
  • Reimburses for medical expenses, board charges and post mortem costs after payment of a death claim
  • Maximum age 15 - only available on horses
Limited Theft - Form EQ-24

  • Included with Form EQ-1 on all registered, tattooed or micro-chipped animals, and horses with C.E.F. "passports"
  • Escape and mysterious disappearance are excluded
Twelve Month Extension Endorsement - Form EQ-12

  • In the event of a potentially life threatening illness or injury occuring within the policy term that is not resolved upon expiry, this extension allows the policy to be written until such time as the condition is no longer life threatening, or a total of 12 months, including the life threatening condition.
Comprehensive Liability - Form CGL-1
  • Protects an animal owner should your horse damage property or cause injury to a third party.
  • $1 million or $2 million limits available.
Policy Requirements:

In order to obtain a mortality quotation, please contact our office by email/fax/phone with the particulars (i.e. age, value, use).


Mortality policies are an one year NON-RENEWABLE contract. If coverage is required for a further term a new policy is issued, and we will advise our requirements for re-issue approximately one month in advance of expiry. New veterinarian certificates are required every year on race horses and higher valued show and breeding animals, however many animals can be renewed on an owner's Declaration of Health. We will advise accordingly when sending our renewal terms.


Brokers must bind risks through our office.We will confirm biding by email or fax.
Brokers do not have binding authority.